How Does Facial Recognition Software Work – Face Scanner Guide

We will be looking at how does facial recognition software work, Look into some of the face scanner applications of the facial recognition system.
How Does Facial Recognition Software Work

The world was left in awe back in 2012 when Google announced that it has succeeded in developing the first-ever artificial intelligence models that are able to identify cats on YouTube. Now, today this might not come as shocking news it may be boring to many people; however, back in those days when artificial intelligence was still in early development stages, this was a big breakthrough and only represented the endless potential that was waiting to be unlocked.

Today, as we all are too complacent in using facial recognition technology on our mobile phones, it just represents how much artificial intelligence and other futuristic technologies have developed. And if you haven’t already thought how facial recognition software works, perhaps it is time to consider the technological marvel which you are too complacent to use every day and not think about once.

Face scanners or facial recognition technology is basically the most powerful (Yet) representation of the capabilities of artificial intelligence solution, deep learning, and other similar technologies, which have been developed over the decades to be able to offer users these technological marvels.

Here in this blog, we will be looking at how does facial recognition software works, as well as, look into some of the applications of the facial recognition system in different fields.

So, let’s get started…

What is a Facial Recognition System?

Facial recognition system or face scanners is an advanced application of artificial intelligence technology that is capable of identifying a subject through an image, video, or any other visual element of the face. The most common use of face scanner technology is in our smartphones, which we use every day.

Going a little deeper, the facial recognition system is just another biometric verification system like a fingerprint scanner, voice recognition, IRIS, and others, where AI-based algorithms are able to analyze facial features of a subject to identify and verify its authenticity. However, while identification of fingerprints through fingerprint scanners is much easier, face recognition is much more complicated; since it has to calculate the crucial threshold of similarity between various factors of a face to confirm the authentication of the subject.

Couple it with other complex facial features like wearing hats, beards, and other elements, and facial recognition is surely much difficult and complex as compared to other biometric verification systems including fingerprints and iris scanners; where we have definite patterns to match.

Why Facial Recognition Software is the Talk of the Town in 2020?

Facial recognition has been the talk of the town in 2020; given its mainstream use in smartphones. In fact, the technology was already well established in the smartphone industry back in 2019, however, it only further established its position as the preferred biometric verification technology for smartphone users.

Today, facial recognition is being used across various applications, which required massive image and video datasets to get the machine learning algorithms used in the technology trained to the point that they are able to meet the incredible demand of the technology across various AI products.

Tech companies are increasingly developing rigorous and high-utility applications using facial recognition technology including cattle and livestock industry, traffic analysis, AI video drones for terrain mapping, and many others.

Apart from private applications, facial recognition technology is also being used by governments and law enforcement agencies to identify criminal suspects for easier and better prosecution. Microsoft has in fact also developed AI emotion analysis which can be used to perform advanced sentiment analysis for the projects.

Overall, the sheer power of machine learning and AI products has just started to unveil and we can certainly expect a lot more applications of the technology in the coming years.

How Does Facial Recognition Software Work for Road Traffic Analysis?

Road traffic analysis is just one of the various advanced applications of facial recognition software, where the application is being used actively to monitor and analyze road traffic for better control and easier management.

The advanced facial recognition expertise at Folio3 has resulted in the development of one of its kind AI-powered Road & Safety solutions. The application is powered by advanced deep learning technology and enables easier analysis of road and traffic situations. Leveraging its powerful advanced deep learning algorithms, the application is able to count vehicles on the roads while segregating them into the vehicle type for easier classification of vehicles along with the total count. By using clean and robust algorithms, the application is able to give maximum accuracy and top performance.

This is just one example of the power and potential of facial recognition applications, which will become a necessary service for better management of cities especially congested urban centers. The application is ideally suited for remote management and surveillance of traffic on motorways. Similar applications may include the video surveillance software which can be integrated with the road traffic analysis software for a robust traffic management ecosystem.

How Does Facial Recognition Software Work for Ai Video Analytics?

Another high-potential area for application of facial recognition technology is the video analytics services and solution, which can be used to reinforce the security and surveillance of cities and urban centres. Again, companies like Folio3 has been offering comprehensive and accurate services and solutions for video analytics, which are marketed as effective monitoring systems, as well as, technology for operational efficiency. The technologies behind video analytics solutions include computer vision and machine learning, which are able to create a sense out of any video footage.

Some of the potential applications of advanced video analytics bespoke software development backed by computer vision, machine learning, and neural networks include;

Facial recognition for smart access.

Pipeline management system.

Customer sentiment analysis.

Advanced driver assistance systems.

Farms and Livestock management.

Terrain mapping.

Medical imagery analysis.

Retail footfall monitoring.

Smart traffic/transport system.

Smart security solutions.

How Does Facial Recognition Software Work for Cattle and Livestock Industries? 

Drones are the perfect match for AI technologies. The two technologies have been integrated for the development of various applications that have in fact helped to solve real-world problems. Now, with the availability of programmable AI drones, tech companies have been able to create applications that are being used for robust farm and livestock management; offering ranchers easy and remote management for surveillance and management of farms and livestock.

Can AI facial recognition software be fooled?

The facial recognition technology has matured quite a bit to the point that it’s pretty hard to fool a robust AI facial recognition software. However, still there are loopholes and limitations at present which can be exploited to fool AI facial recognition software.

How accurate is facial recognition software?

As said above, facial recognition technology has matured greatly with high near-perfect accuracy. Various face identification algorithms can have accuracy scores of up to 99% or even higher.

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