16 livestock apps to improve business performance

By keeping up with the best animal practices, livestock management apps enable farmers to ensure the highest quality standards and improved productivity.
livestock apps to improve business performance

The livestock management software has quickly become an important component that enables livestock farmers to keep up with farm animals’ health and well-being. The app help farmers to record and access all the important details they need to know from the time of birth to the time they are sold. The type of records managed by livestock apps may vary from one app to another. Some of the more important records maintained by all livestock management software include the date of birth, medical records, and others. Apart from tracking the records for health performance and costs, livestock management apps also enable farmers to better manage livestock at farms by tracking them remotely across the farms.

livestock apps to improve business performance

Modern livestock apps are able to record all the procedures carried out in the farms on daily basis. These apps offer the most effective way to incorporate feed formulation, feed production, accounting, production, feed selection, and various other records, against specific components like land conditions, feed recipes, climatic conditions, and others. All of this information can then be access easily through interactive reports and charts, for improving the overall efficiency and productivity of farms. Livestock management software also brings in advanced analytical tools to help farmers identify and follow profitable practices.

By keeping up with the best animal practices, livestock management apps enable farmers to ensure the highest quality standards and improved productivity. Over the years, livestock software has proven to be an effective method to improve the efficiency and productivity of the farming business. It’s the perfect choice for livestock farms looking to design and implement effective procedures for higher revenue.

Below are some of the benefits of integrating livestock management software for farm businesses:

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1) Easy Farm Management

Livestock farming can be challenging, especially for startups and small farms with little cattle management experience. The challenge becomes even steeper for farms looking to manage multiple livestock. With the livestock management software, such farm businesses get access to an automated management platform. These platforms not only help them to automate various daily processes but also enable farmers to get access to updated information and best practices for farm management.

2) Improved Pasture Management

Apart from assisting farmers with the best practices in livestock farm management, these livestock apps also help farmers in moving herds from one pasture to another. Many of the latest livestock management apps come with intelligent features, which can be integrated with drone technology. Such technology not only helps farmers to keep close track of herd across vast pasture areas but also enable them to monitor and manage pasture area in a more coordinated manner.

3) Events Tracking

Event tracking is perhaps the most basic and widely used function of livestock management software. The functionality enables farmers to keep entire animal records against all events like medical treatment, animal sale, birth, death, breeding, and other events. In other words, farmers are able to record each and every event of the herd; right from birth to sale or death in an efficient and structured manner. This doesn’t only make it easier and more effective for farmers to manage livestock, but also help them to comply with livestock management regulations.

4) Improved Feed Management

With robust livestock management software, farmers are in a better position to identify and implement a structured feeding plan for animals. These apps enable farmers to track the feeding habits of an individual animal in the herd and adapt accordingly. The software also enables farmers to figure out the feed conversion ratio, which gives them an ideal to identify the expense of feed and subsequent ROI.

Folio3 is your Custom Livestock Management Software/Apps Partner

Folio3 is one of the leading companies working in the livestock management field. The company brings its strong experience in data analytics and business intelligence technology to develop intelligent and comprehensive livestock management apps. By utilizing its strong portfolio in artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, and other powerful analytical technology, Folio3 has developed one of the most advanced livestock management apps that can be integrated with programmable drones.

CattlePal is one of the livestock management app developed specifically to automate livestock management for farmers. The software can be integrated with powerful programmable drones, equipped with thermal sensors. The app enables real-time monitoring of animal’s data using cloud servers, assisting farmers to keep up with the animal’s health and other important indicators.

The powerful software solution by Folio3 comes with advanced image processing techniques including image segmentation, and automated analysis. The AI drones solution by Folio3 is also being used widely across different industries including terrain mapping, solar panel inspection, and others. By working closely with the farmers, Folio3 ensures the development of customized functionalities required by farmers of all sizes and business models.

6 Top Livestock Software/Apps for SMEs and Enterprise

1) Cattlytics

Get the Cattlytics – Cattle Management App and take your cattle operations to the next level. The revolutionary app makes it easy to manage your herd in a single location or multiple locations. With features like Livestock tracking, health records, and performance reports, you can stay organized and ensure your cattle is in top condition. Features:

  • Event Driven Dashboard
  • Individual & Group Livestock Management
  • Breeding & Production Management
  • Pedigree Management
  • Expense Management

2) Ranch Manager

Ranch Manager is a crowd-funded livestock management software that comes with a voluntary licensing model. It’s an advanced platform that is designed to automate the various tasks associated with the modern-day livestock business. The software lets ranchers keep detailed records of the livestock including the breeding, pedigree, locations, treatment, and sales record. The platform also comes with in-built accounting capabilities for assisting farmers in managing day to day business transactions and estimate profit and loss.


– Detailed record storing in a structured manner

– Accounting capabilities

– Multiple ID tags

– Feed Management

– Easy data entry

3) Chetu

Chetu is an enterprise-level livestock management platform that’s known for the development of customized solutions for farmers. The platform lets farmers centralize livestock management operations and comes with powerful features including breeding tracking, ranch management, and even basic accounting features. Apart from livestock management, the platform also brings in powerful database management solutions for farmers, assisting them to enter, edit, and view detailed records of individual animals through the web or mobile devices.


– Custom dashboards

– Decision support system

– Grazing management

– Weather tracking system

4) Cattle Max

Cattle Max is an enterprise-level livestock management software that is widely used for the management of large farms. The platform brings in some powerful features to track performance, production, and marketing records of livestock. Cattle Max is currently being used in over 8,000 farms across the United States and other countries. Some of the features offered by the platform include; cattle notes, multi-record updated, electronic ID features, custom reports, and much more.


– Calving history

– Management snapshots

– Breeding status

– EPD and EBV status

5) MiHub

MiHub enables farmers to transform data into insightful information to track the herd’s performance and achieve higher efficiency for farm businesses. The livestock management app brings in powerful analytical solutions that let farmers access insights into the herd performance through interactive charts and reports. The reports can be accessed by users remotely through mobile devices.


– Interactive reports and charts

– Intuitive interface

– Easy data entry and management

6) Muuu

Muuu is yet another powerful livestock management app that lets farmers manage and market their livestock businesses with ease. The app lets farmers partner-up with other farms to share management activities and best practices. The data can be accessed remotely and in real-time using any device, thereby greatly improve the access to information for higher efficiency and more profits.


– Digital agriculture marketing

– Fieldwork planner

– Cattle traceability

– Record-keeping and traceability of animals


5 Best Livestock Management Software Apps for Startups

1) Angus Black Book by Folio3

Angus Black is a premium livestock management software developed by Folio3. The software comes with advanced functionalities and features meant to improve the management and productivity of farm businesses.

The platform comes with an intuitive interface for easy adoption by farmers, enabling them to record and access crucial records seamlessly. Angus Black’s structured data storing capability enable farmers to get insight into critical performance indicators of each animal and take timely decisions. Some of the functionalities offered by the software include; detailed reporting, operations management, reminders & alerts, and record management.


– Intuitive and interactive interface

– Structured and hierarchical record management

– Individual tracking of animals

– Real-time operations management

2) Livestocked

Livestocked is a leading and widely used livestock management app. The app comes with an interactive interface and advance functionalities to help farmers manage herd effectively and drive increased profits.

Since 2013, the software has helped hundreds of farms to improve livestock farming practices and boost profits. The app is available for download from App Store and comes with advanced features including; traceability, livestock management, inventory management, cattle management, and more.


– Simple and intuitive interface

– Affordable platform

– Structured record-keeping

– Multiple livestock management

3) Calf Book

Calf book is a reliable and effective livestock management app that can be used by farm businesses of all sizes to effectively manage essential livestock records. It’s a simple and smart platform, which can easily be downloaded and used by farmers.

Some of the functionalities offered by the app include; yearling performance, calving data, calf weaning, breeding data, and many other intelligence features. Over the years, calf apps have enabled hundreds of businesses to effectively manage farm businesses and make intelligent business decisions using interactive reports.


– Offline data accessibility for users

– Intuitive interface with highest user adaptability

– Insightful reports detailing important insights for farmers

4) Breeding Wheel

The breeding wheel is a great app for livestock management farmers dealing with cattle, pork, or any other livestock. The app is available free of cost on the app store and can be used straight away thanks to its easy and intuitive interface.

The app has been developed to make livestock breeding easier and more efficient. The breeding Wheel comes with intelligent functionalities that enable farmers to identify any potential breeding issues with animals. The platform also enables farmers with easy service scheduling, proximity forecast, and get reminders for the drying date of cattle.


– Easy management of individual animals

– Advance features of identification of reproductive issues with animals

– Easy sharing of records between devices

– Free to use

5) Cattle Breeding Calculator

If you are looking for an efficient and effective livestock breeding app, the Cattle Breeding calculator is the definite choice for you. The platform is ranked as one of the best livestock management apps in the play store and is developed specifically to assist farmers with calving dates, returns, and management of other breeding issues.

The app lets farmers record all relevant breeding data of animals in a structured manner, as well as, share the data via an email functionality. The gestation calculator offered by the app help farmers to estimate forward and backward dates with much accuracy.


– Intuitive and interactive user interface

– Free download from Google Play Store

– Accurate gestation calculator

5 Must-Have Free Livestock Apps

1) Ranchr

Ranchr is a complete livestock management solution ideally suited to manage cattle herd. At the moment, the app is only available for iOS platforms and is widely popular amongst ranchers for its simple and highly-efficient livestock management features. The app offer users insights for herd performance, as well as, let them track the health performance of individual animals.

With interactive and detailed reporting features, the app let farmers keep up with the herd performance in real-time, and identify any breeding issues timely. The app makes the complete process of cattle health tracking and treatment simple and effective for ranchers, enabling them to streamline farm operations for improved productivity and increased profits.


– Easy record management and sorting 

– Intuitive and interactive interface for higher adaptability

2) Farmwizard Beef Manager

The Farmwizard Beef Manager is another high-utility livestock management tool meant to automate the farming business for improved efficiency. Some of the key features offered by the platform include; livestock management, supplier management, and traceability.

The app lets farmers record and access records remotely for greater efficiency. With smart tracking features, it also lets farmers track the herd performance in real-time and identify any specific breeding issues timely.


– Detailed and insightful reports

– Seamless user-interface

– Free app

3) Stock Move Express

Stock move express is specifically developed for startups and small farm business management. It enables ranchers to maintain detailed records of animals from birth till death. Over the years, the platform has proved its worth as high-utility livestock management and tracking application for small farms and startup businesses. Stock move express also new ranchers to track the breeding cycles of the herd, giving them real-time updates of any issues in the reproduction cycle and take appropriate actions.


– Easy data sharing with other users of NLMD-LT database even without internet connections

– Free to use

– Great for cattle and sheep management

– Intuitive and interactive user-interface

4) Moocall Breed Manager

The Moocall Breed Manager is a light and interactive livestock management app that help farmers easily manage the farm operations with herd cycles. The app lets farmers segregate the animals based on the breeding data. The herd can be categorized into in-calf cycling, in-heat, or inseminated animals for better management.


– Free livestock management app

– Categorize animals based on breeding cycles for efficient management

5) iHerd

iHerd is a free livestock management software that comes with some high-end features. The app enables farmers to track the herd from birth to death and record everything in between. iHerd is a cloud-based livestock management platform that enables farmers for easy and efficient herd management by letting farmers store and access data from anywhere. 


Easy and effective herd management

Automated accounting and auditing features

Free livestock management app

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livestock apps to improve business performance

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