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In this blog, we will be going through everything you want to know about audio transcription briefly, while also discussing the experience of being an audio transcriptionist.
what is audio transcription software

The simplest definition of audio transcription is the conversion from verbal to written form. However, this isn’t just limited to it, and once you start working your way through the audio transcription you will surely discover new things. The audio transcription enables you to carve out an entire experience for your audience through a video or audio file.

So, for a small investment, you make in speech-to-text software, you would be able to add life to your content. In this blog below, we will be going through everything you want to know about audio transcription briefly, while also discussing the experience of being an audio transcriptionist.

Speech to Text Software
Speech-to-Text Software

What is Audio Transcription?

One of the most common queries that I receive, whenever I advertise for the need of an audio transcriptionist, is the candidates asking “what is audio transcription?”

Well, to put it simply, audio transcription is the speech to text conversion. Yes, you can relate it to your good old childhood days when your teacher dictates you to improve your writing skills. Obviously, it’s no more limited to the scope of the teacher’s dictation, but I am sure it gives you a fair idea about what we are talking about.

Today, audio transcription is used in virtually every industry from public speeches to business meetings and courtroom proceedings. And if we move to the most recent definition of the work, it is about converting the digital recordings into text. This is to say that as an audio transcriptionist, you may be given digital proceedings of a webinar or an interview conducted over the phone recording app; to convert it into text.  

So, when you say “what is audio transcription?” it could be defined in several ways, however, at its core, it’s the written version of any verbal speech.

audio transcription software

What is an Audio Hour in Transcription?

What is an audio hour in transcription is another frequent query asked by many aspiring transcriptionists. An audio hour in transcription refers to the time required to convert one hour of audio into written text. The standard time to convert one hour of clear audio into transcription is 4 hours (4:1) – or we can say that an hour of transcription is required for 15 minutes clear audio recording.  

Now, the above mentioned time is just standard and that the quality of the audio (clarity, speed), as well as, the skills of the transcriptionist will have the final say about the time required to transcript one hour of audio. In my experience, if the audio is clear with low noise, a slow speaker and an experienced transcriptionist may lower the transcription time required by as much as 3:1 or even 2:1.

Contrarily, if the audio quality is muffled or garbled, then the transcription time even with an experienced transcriptionist may sore to become 6 or even 10 hours of transcription time for one hour of audio.

So, when we talk about an audio hour in transcription, it simply represents the time required to transcript one hour of audio; which may take anywhere from two hours to 10 hours or more!

What is Converse Smartly Audio Transcription? 

Converse Smartly® is one of the most powerful and competent speeches-to-text software that enables businesses to transcribe any length of audio fast and precisely. Developed by Google speech to text service, the software is meant to assist businesses and individuals alike to improve their efficiency and accuracy of audio transcription requirements. The advanced features of the platform can also be used to analyze the speech with multiple voices (team meetings, interviews, or webinars).

Converse Smartly® is powered by robust cutting-edge technologies to deliver the most precise results possible in the speech-to-text industry today. To enable higher productivity and efficiency for businesses, the software also includes various built-in tools enabling users to leverage the full potential for the platform.

Powered by cognitive learning, the Converse Smartly® is developed using deep-learning neural network algorithms that offer unprecedented accuracy for speech-to-text conversion. The machine-learning algorithms powering the platform also enable the software to consistently improve the accuracy by learning the voices and words over time. 

Key Features of Converse Smartly® 

Apart from its unprecedented accuracy and speed for speech to text conversion, some of the advanced features of Converse Smartly® includes:

Speech Analysis

The platform comes with the capability to analyze speech patterns. The dedicated speech analysis capability of the software is meant to understand the speech content and recognize spoken words with more accuracy.

Text Analysis

The text analysis feature of the platform enables the advance representation of text as data which subsequently may be used to mined for insights and pattern analysis.

Multiple Speaker Detection

Another advanced feature of the Converse Smartly® is the multi-speaker detection which enables identification of speakers by partitioning the audio stream into smaller homogeneous segments.

Some of the other features of Converse Smartly® includes:

Automated summary generation

Real-time transcription for English language speeches

Sentiment analysis

Built on Google Speech and IBM Watson technologies

Generate word cloud

What is a Transcriber Definition? 

Just as there can be multiple definitions for transcription services, similarly there may be multiple definitions of the transcriber. In essence, the transcriber is the person/process that is used to convert audio into text. Going by this definition, a transcriber can be a human that has the understanding of the language and context; performing the speech to text conversion; whereas, the transcriber may also be an automated platform/software like Converse Smartly® that is used for voice recognition and speech to text conversion.

Advantages and Benefits of Audio Transcription?

Transcription services have various benefits and advantages depending on your goals and objections. For starters, businesses and individuals alike can leverage the accuracy and affordability of audio transcription services to add value to their audio/video content. Also, companies may leverage the benefits of audio transcription to record and generate text files for webinars, group meetings, or client meetings.

Another benefit of audio transcription is that it enables businesses to reach a wider audience by creating text in different languages. Similarly, by creating email marketing content out of a popular video is another beneficial use of the audio transcription services. Whereas, the service can also be used to generate an in-depth blog post through a popular podcast episode.

Folio3 is Your Best Audio Transcription Tech Partner

Thanks to the highly experienced and expert team of developers at Folio3, the company has established in the speech recognition technology with its powerful and advanced speech to text software; Converse Smartly®. The platform is already being used by some of the leading businesses across the world and has been recognized as a leader in Cognitive services by the “Cognitive Services – Global Market Outlook (2017 – 2026).

Which is the best audio to text transcription software ?

Honestly, the best transcription software for audio to text depends upon your individual needs and requirements. There are multiple great audios to text converter that can come handy for businesses and individuals to cater to their needs of audio to text transcriptions. Some of the best audio to text transcription software includes:

  1. Google Speech to Text
  2. Converse Smartly®
  3. Dragon Anywhere

What is it like to work in an audio transcription field?

As an audio transcriptionist, you would be listening to audio/video files of various length trying to hear the audio and convert it into text, while keeping up the context and integrity of the sentences and phrases. You may be working with single or multiple industries like legal, medical, and others; thereby, you would have to identify jargon and technical terminologies in each industry. As for the compensation, it will vary depending upon your skills and experience. Generally, you may be making from $20 to $45 per hour for the transcription services.

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