What is the Best Natural Language Processing API/Library – Top SaaS APIs for Businesses

Ever wonder What is the Best Natural Language Processing API/Library? Here in this blog, we will be looking at some of the best APIs in 2021
What is the Best Natural Language Processing API Library

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a sub-field of artificial intelligence, which is being used for the classification, and processing of text with greater efficiency and accuracy than even humans. While NLP as a technology could be pretty technical for the liking of most businesses, NLP APIs are an easy way out for companies to integrate the technology into business processes. Integrating NLP APIs with existing business systems, and software help companies to add great efficiency and effectiveness for business processes.

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The extreme utility and applications of NLP for businesses means there are various APIs options including open-source, and SaaS available for businesses. Open-source APIs are freely available for integration and offer great customization options for businesses. However, these APIs would require in-house developers with a machine learning experience for streamline integration and working. SaaS NLP APIs on the contrary offer easy and streamlined integration solutions; with just a few lines of code.

Often the best way to integrate NLP APIs into existing business systems is to hire professional NLP integration partners. This enables companies to better understand the various options available and ensure smooth and seamless integration with minimum business disruption.

Here in this blog, we will be looking at some of the best SaaS NLP APIs in 2021 and assessing their features to help you make the right choice.

So, let’s get started…

Google Cloud NLP

Best for: Companies of all sizes and industries looking to leverage Google Cloud Storage, and Managed Services.

Little is required to be said about the capabilities and prowess of Google for technological innovation. The tech giant is at the helm of technological innovation, leading in almost all disruptive technologies, and NLP is no exception. Google’s Cloud NLP comes with powerful and advanced pre-trained NLP APIs, which can easily be integrated into existing business systems. The Google Cloud NLP brings in some of the most comprehensive, high-utility, and precise NLP tools including;

  • Content classification
  • Entity sentiment analysis
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Syntax analysis
  • Content classification

The NLP API from Google can easily be integrated with Google’s tech suite including Google Apps, and Cloud Storage, making it the best choice for businesses already using the Google ecosystem heavily. To make it even better, Google’s AutoML makes it easier for businessmen with little to no coding experience to customized tools as per their business needs.


Best for: Best for SMEs looking for a convenient API setup process and looking for customizable NLP tools.

MonkeyLearn is a powerful and robust cloud solution that offers intuitive and interactive text analysis solutions to businesses. MonkeyLearn’s advanced text analysis tools are able to perform sentiment analysis, as well as, entity extraction. MonkeyLearn NLP API is available for Python, Java, PHP, JavaScript, and Ruby. The API can easily be integrated into business systems to access powerful NLP tools. The API also makes it easier for businesses to connect with various apps including Zendesk, Google Sheets, Zapier, and others.

Another great feature of MonkeyLearn NLP API is that businesses can train the NLP models with your specific industry data, thus making it more personalized and accurate. There are various tutorials also available that can help you get started in no time.

Some of the high-utility MonkeyLearn NLP tools include;

  • Keyword extractor
  • Feedback classifier
  • Sentiment analyzer


Best for: Businesses looking for NLP solutions incorporation with their proprietary services and apps.

As they say, it’s an NLP solution “developed by developers, for developers”. AYLIEN is an exclusive NLP API that is meant to be used for proprietary business apps or services.

The AYLIEN API is available in up to seven different languages and offers comprehensive text analysis solutions meant to automate business processes and improve efficiency. The thorough documentation and tutorials available online make it further easier for developers to embed APIs into existing business systems. Some of the worthy features of AYLIEN API includes;

  • Social media monitoring
  • Bran analysis
  • Document processing
  • Content tagging

IBM Watson

Best for: Businesses looking for heavy customization options including building their custom NLP models, or process text in multiple languages.

IBM Watson’s NLP API is meant to offer businesses a convenient and streamlined solution to create highly precise custom NLP models including custom labels, and classifiers using small data sets. Also, the intuitive interface of IBM Watson makes it easy for users with a little machine learning experience to develop and train NLP models.

IBM Watson app is available in up to six languages, while it is able to analyze text in up to 13 human languages. The tools offered by NLP assist users to build, manage, and evaluate custom NLP models with high accuracy and confidence.


Best for: Niche businesses looking to analyze and classify text into industry-specific taxonomies.

MeaningCloud is a specialized text classification API that is able to analyze individual phrases. The powerful classification tools are also able to analyze individual phrases with the overall text and evaluate how each of the phrases relates to each other.

The statistical classifier by MeaningCloud performs text categorization from sample text, which subsequently is further refined by the rule-based classifier. The MeaningCloud NLP can also categorize documents with no sample text.

As a specialized NLP solution, MeaningCloud NLP Tools are pre-trained for various taxonomies including;

  • IPTC
  • IAB
  • ICD-10
  • Eurovoc


Best for: Businesses dealing with a massive volume of data and requiring high security.

The Lexalytics from Semantria is a highly scalable NLP API that can be used to create NLP models for all scenarios. The API offers analysis in up to 20 languages and offers intuitive customization tools for beginners and non-tech users.

The Industry Packs from Lexalytics are specifically made for specific industries and come with pre-built configurations for industry language. The Lexalytics NLP is often rated above and beyond other NLP models for their easy integration, industry-specific functionalities, and ability to add and adjust custom dictionaries.

Final Note

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a futuristic and disruptive technology enabling companies to save time and money while improving their efficiency through automation. Just make sure you choose the right NLP API that offers the right tools for your unique business needs.

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