GPT-3 Online Demo – 7 Best Apps/Websites in 2023

There are many websites that offer a GPT-3 online demo for users to witness the power and intelligence of machine-written text. Explore here.
GPT-3 Online Demo

The third-generation Generative Pre-trained Transformer, better known as GPT-3, is a powerful neural network language model trained to generate text on the basis of data on the internet. Developed by OpenAI, this revolutionary technology leverages deep learning and only needs the users to input a few lines to be able to generate large amounts of relevant machine-generated text. GPT-3 is officially the largest ever neural network and is known for generating text that makes it difficult to gauge whether a human or a machine wrote it. There are many websites that offer a GPT-3 online demo for users to witness the power and intelligence of machine-written text and we are about to tell you the 7 best websites/applications to save you from the trouble of doing the research.

Where to Get a GPT-3 Online Demo

We promised you 7 of the best applications and websites that offer you a demo, and here they are. Whether you need help writing emails, sales pitches, content for presentations, articles, messages, conversations, or even songs, everything is possible with the help of the right AI writing assistant.

Chat GPT Integration

  1. 500+ Original Conversation Starters

In case you are looking for the perfect pickup line or the right words to help you start a conversation, the people at 500+ have compiled a comprehensive list of conversation starters and Tinder openers. All you have to do is click on a topic of interest and it automatically gives you a list of appropriate and relevant sentences for you to start conversations that help you engage your person of interest and continue the conversation. 500+ used the Copyhat AI assistant to help them make their “book” of conversation starters and is a brilliant example for a GPT-3 online demo. 

  1. AI Eminem

This GPT-3 online demo proves that it is not just being used by corporations and marketing agencies, it is even being leveraged by singers and artists. This expands the reach of AI assistants beyond the corporate world and helps you realize that even rap songs can be written without a writer. Their song “Diss against the patriarchy” featuring Kanye West was written by a group called Calamity AI, which used bots to help write it. Eminem even created another song using another text generator called ShortlyAI.  

  1. AI Buddy

See how this bot who is trained with the help of GPT-3 and deep learning can hold decent conversations with people who want to test its scope or even people who are simply bored and need someone to talk to. Created by FortytwoAI, this GPT-3 online demo even lets the users choose a persona for the “buddy” so that the conversation can be relevant and take on a smooth course according to the needs of the user. 

  1. Compose AI

Easily downloadable as a free extension for Google Chrome, Compose AI promises to reduce your writing time by over 40%. It helps you automate the writing process by automatically completing your sentences and even offering changes such as rephrasing your content or making your sentences longer or shorter. It even claims to be able to change the tone of your text to a more formal tone or even more friendly if that’s what you want. Since AI assistants learn from the users and adapt to their way of writing, the suggestions made are often tailored to the user’s specific writing style. 

  1. Essay Writing by EduRef

A documented GPT-3 online demo made waves when EduRef hired a panel of college professors to give writing prompts, which were then given to a GPT-3 AI assistant as well as a group of students. Whereas the bot didn’t do as well as the humans, it didn’t do very badly either as the essays ended up with a C on average. Interestingly there were even papers where the bot performed slightly better on average than the students! The only subject that the bot failed in was creative writing and understandably so. Creative writing requires imagination and creativity more than research and a creative writing essay can’t be written using data that is available on the internet.

  1. A/B Testing

As we said earlier, GPT-3 is not limited to one type of use. This website is a GPT-3 online demo showing how AI assistants can be leveraged to enhance the Title, copy, and even CTA for landing pages and websites. A/B Testing does a brief scanning of your website after you input the web address and then suggests all the possible combinations and variations to you so that you can test and see what version works for your users and what gets you the most views. It even helps you run experiments with different captions and copy text while ensuring that you don’t end up losing any conversions while you are in the process of running the tests.

  1. Active Chat

Another very useful GPT-3 online demo, Active Chat is a makeshift Customer Service agent that helps companies deal with customers that visit the website and have simple factual questions. This helps save time as well as resources for companies on a budget. The actual customer service agents behind the screen can be monitoring what the bots are saying and modifying the answers as they go along if needed. It is also useful for training new customer service agents who can learn on the job with the help of the Customer Service bot and all the information it can offer. 

Folio3 is Your Best OpenAI Tech Partner

We told you seven of the best websites for GPT-3 online demos, and we won’t be surprised if you want your own custom AI assistant for your specific industry and requirements. With over a decade of experience with machine learning and artificial intelligence, Folio3 has a dedicated team of consultants and data scientists that have successfully delivered projects related to natural language processing, machine learning, predictive analysis, and computer vision. Moreover, they even offer pre-built models and solutions for a number of use cases such as face recognition, food detection, and vehicle detection

Chat GPT Integration

If these seven different GPT-3 online demos didn’t convince you of the massive reach and power of GPT-3, you should definitely read our guide about how to make the best use of ChatGPT-3 for your business. If you want to know more about how we can leverage GPT to build your custom AI bot, let’s talk!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is GPT-3 open source or platform-dependent?

GPT-3 is not open-source, it runs on OpenAI’s API which is extremely costly. It is, however, available for everyone.

Can I try GPT-3 on mobile?

Yes, GPT-3 can work on mobile applications as well as web applications.


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