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FairSquare UK is an online car dealership that provides buyers with car financing options as well. Folio3 developed a computer vision-based content moderation solution that was responsible for monitoring the user uploaded data and enforcing content rules and guidelines at scale.


FairSquare is a UK-based online car dealership/marketplace that also offers comprehensive financing options. There are a lot of amazing offers on cars, but then the finance offered might not be so attractive. FairSquare provides a better way of buying the car you want along with the financing options that are viable for you.


FairSquare required a solution to automate the process of filtering and moderating images of cars that are uploaded by sellers on their marketplace. Currently a manual process, this takes up a lot of time and effort.


Folio3 built a solution where the images uploaded on the website were processed by the system to flag images that didn't comply with regulations. The system would integrate with the marketplace via APIs. The solution also includes a feedback loop mechanism where the user can mark false positives and allow the model to learn and improve as more data is processed.

Folio3 modified and trained the machine learning model to be deployed in the solution and also built a complete dashboard to manage and run the solution and reporting system.


With Folio3’s solution, FairSquare were able to create an automated process and pipeline for the moderation of user uploaded content on their website. This led to minimized manual work, optimized costs, and max efficiency.

FairSquare has processed over a million images so far using the solution.

Hear from our client

“I am very happy about how Folio3 gives 100% in the work dedication and has a very organized and energetic team who thrive with innovative ideas for our business. We are still using Folio3 on a regular basis and also get excellent updates from any usage left so that we can utilize our monthly allowance which is great teamwork.”

FairSquare UK

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