Business Process Automation Through Streamlining WordPress with LMS.

About the Customer

Since 1998, the client has been aiding teachers all over the globe with Spanish language through easy to use and interactive learning programs. Not only does children learn Spanish through the comprehensive curriculum, it also helps inspire children to use Spanish through their visual aids, music, games and digital materials.

Requirement & The Idea Behind It

1. Automate the online application in which the client had to manually search for orders on WordPress, create orders and accounts of customers.

2. Need for UI changes and improvement.

3. Looking for licensing implementation.


1. Integrated WordPress with LMS/Moodle leading to Business Process Automation.

2. Used an out of box customization and created multi-tenancy in Moodle.

3. Automated the selling process through which customers would purchase on WordPress and simultaneously their account will be created on LMS.

4. Improved the application by changing UI as per the client requirement.

5. Implemented and deploying licensing as per the client requirement

Technology Used

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