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Get always-on support and 5x customer success with our ai-powered chatbots. We develop custom AI chatbots for your business needs.

Minimize Search Time & Maximize Productivity With Generative AI Chatbots

Fetch data and insights to resolve customer queries, build the right customer journeys, and increase customer satisfaction rates with generative AI powered virtual assistants.

Retrieve data, search through databases and spreadsheets, and leverage a range of different LLMs to deliver the best experiences to your customers.

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Folio3 AI Powered Chatbot Development Services

Our AI chatbot can assist you throughout your workflows, whether to fetch some statistical data or answer a customer query.

Knowledge Base Chatbot

Knowledge Base Chatbot

Use this virtual assistant to instantly fetch information from our vast knowledge base, providing you with accurate and relevant responses to your queries. Say goodbye to endless searches and hello to instant answers.

data driven chatbot

Data-Driven Chatbot

With its data querying powers, you can effortlessly access and analyze specific datasets in real-time. Crunch numbers, generate reports, and make data-driven decisions like never before. Empower your team with the insights they need to succeed!

Integrated Chatbot

Integrated Chatbot

Streamline your workflows with our Integration Chatbot. This versatile and dynamic assistant can seamlessly integrate with various APIs and systems, acting as your unified interface acessing multiple systems and tools.

Virtual Support Chatbot

Virtual Support Chatbot

Advanced conversational abilities that engage in natural and interactive conversation, offering comprehensive assistance. From troubleshooting issues to providing personalized recommendations, it's like having a dedicated support agent on standby.


AI Excel Bot 

Experience seamless data mastery with our AI Excel bot. Generate formulas, prep, and analyze data effortlessly in one tool. Upload data, receive comprehensive results with charts, recommendations, and harness automation with pre-defined functions or interactive queries.

Customer Story

AI-Powered Mental Health Chatbot - AiGenics

AiGenics wanted to build a platform solution addressing mental health issues and providing a platform to various people for digital cognitivist behavioral therapies and self-meditation through different proven methods. To achieve this, AiGenics needed to partner with a company that could develop the platform with an AI-powered chatbot that could provide 24/7 support and assistance on a user’s mental health.

Expertise used

Machine Learning, RasaGPT




Embedded Software Products


Launch custom AI bots that deliver instant support to your customers


AI Chatbot Development Services for Different Niches

Our chatbot development solutions can cater to various industries and use cases:



Provide instant responses and reduce the need for human intervention, leading to better customer experiences and increased online sales.

Healthcare (1)


Efficiently manage appointments, answer common questions, and analyze symptoms freeing up medical staff for more critical tasks.



Offer real-time financial guidance and personalized recommendations based on individual spending patterns.



Suggest personalized travel itineraries, offer real-time updates, and help travelers during unexpected situations.

retail (1)


Analyze customer preferences and behavior to offer highly targeted product recommendations.



AI Virtual assistants can adapt to individual learning styles and provide immediate feedback, augmenting traditional education methods.

Real Estate

Real Estate

Conduct virtual property tours and answers property-related questions 24/7, increasing the reach and availability of property listings with AI virtual assistants.



AI chatbots are trained to assess claims quickly and accurately, reducing the time taken to process and approve claims.


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