Completion Time Estimation

Machine Learning Based Completion Estimation

The Customer

The client is one of the largest bookseller in the world with also online bookstore for books, ebooks, magazines, music, movies, toys & games. The company is a bookseller with the largest number of retail outlets in the United States and a retailer of content, digital media, and educational products

The Problem And The Solution

The Customer has a dedicated IT infrastructure and team that handles all the digital marketing. The marketing campaigns are diverse and are comprised of automated programs that ran over extensive durations of time on data from Google BigQuery. These programs process different amounts of data and are interdependent. The marketing campaigns have weekly recurring deadlines and that’s why it is highly significant to estimate the accurate completion time of the campaigns.

By utilizing the Artificial Intelligence powered solution with-in the Machine Learning realm, our solution uses partial data from the past executions to estimate the completion-time based on the number of records to be processed, number of API calls to be made and some other categorical variables and utilizes Random Forest Regression techniques to reach an accurate estimate.

Why did we Start Folio3

We started Folio3 Software with the mission to bring innovation, integrity and agility – the Silicon Valley start-up genes – to the software services industry.

We wanted a software services company that we as entrepreneurs and executives would ourselves partner with.

When nothing quite met expectations,we built one ourselves.

Key Features Of Our Solution


For a batch of campaigns that span over 20 hours, the estimation is within ±42 minutes’ error margin. This is very much helpful in assessing the value and effectiveness of the marketing campaigns.

Completion Time Estimation

Continuous Improvement

The algorithm improves over the time through Machine Learning. As with preceding time the more campaigns are executed, hence more data is collected. Which in turn helps the algorithm to improve its performance accordingly.


Monitoring the campaigns was a manual hectic work before this solution. The automation relieves the pain of manual monitoring and sends email notifications in case of any breakdown or malfunction.

Campaign Scheduling

The availability of an accurate estimate for the completion time helps in scheduling new campaigns with low error margin and more precision. This helps the utilization of the available time to the full potential. Which eventually helps in better engagement rate.

What do we have to show for it all?


Clients (banks, booksellers, software giants, game start-ups) that trust and value us enough to be our best spokespersons.


Web and mobile solutions made with love, integrity and lots of caffeine.


Employees who understand the dual commitment at Folio3: Customers first, Employees forever.

Some of our Featured Clients

Thanks to the efforts of Folio3, the solution has enabled customer’s Digital Marketing Team to substantially improve the effective delivery through precise schedules and outcome of marketing campaigns, while meeting the weekly associated deadlines.

Technology used: Scikit Learn, NumPy, Pandas

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