Drone Inspection Solution

Drone Solar Panel Inspection Solution


Our client specializes in visual inspection data management, simplifying complex work processes, and making inspection analysis and reporting easy. To build an application that can detect anomalies in images of solar panel farms uploaded to our client's customer portal, our client needed an AI solution partner.

About the Customer

Specializing in Wind turbines, Solar PV, Transmission and distribution, Rooftop, and Building inspections, our client collaborates with industry leaders to efficiently analyze data. As leading industry experts they combine the strengths of Artificial Intelligence and expert industry analysis for optimal results in visual inspection.

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  • Team composition

    4 members

  • Expertise used

    Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and Deep Learning

  • Duration

    6 Weeks

  • Services provided

    Model training, AI Image Processing, On-Premise Deployment

  • Region


  • Industry

    Information Technology and Services

Understanding the Challenge

Our client needed an AI solution partner to build an application that can detect the anomalies in the images of the solar panel farms that are uploaded on their customer portal.


Folio3 AI built an AI-powered application for the client that processes the images sent by our client’s customer portal. The AI model integrated by Folio3 AI is fine-tuned to detect and identify anomalies in uploaded thermal images according to the client’s use cases.

Customized AI model

The algorithm was fine-tuned, trained, and customized according to the client data for specific data outputs. The model processes images uploaded on the client’s portal and provides output according to the AI-trained model.

customized ai model

AI Anomaly Detection

The custom solar panel anomaly detection algorithm fine-tuned on client data will detect the following Diode Failure and Hotspot Failure on the images that are uploaded on the client portal.

AI anamoly detection
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excluding overlapping

Excluding Overlapping Images
 The AI model can exclude overlapping images that are captured from different drone positions. Providing accurate detection results and anomaly counts.

maximized accuracy

Maximized Accuracy
The model is capable of excluding any images detected outside the solar panel boundary to provide accurate results regardless of environmental factors that could compromise the model


The Folio3 AI-built solar panel inspection solutions were deployed on the client’s existing platform with more than 90% model accuracy.