Govzilla provides a platform that leverages AI and big data


Govzilla provides a platform that leverages AI and big data to make government data more accessible and usable for organizations for inspection, regulation, and enforcement of required compliances. Folio3 AI developed a user-facing portal that enabled their users to easily access data like forms, inspection, and FDA warning letters while tracking their entire inspection process on the platform.


Govzilla is a California-based company that enables its clients to access government compliance data like forms, regulations, inspection, and enforcement data in order to quantify risk about suppliers, identify market opportunities, benchmark against competition, and prepare for the latest inspection trends and compliances.


Govzilla required a complete user portal to enable users to easily search for government documents and forms, receive alerts, and greatly reduce research time. 


Folio3 developed a completed portal that enabled Govzilla to continuously monitor and collect data from multiple agencies and tag data to enable reports while allowing their users to make user-friendly searches, automate the alerts to reduce regulatory risks, maximize actionable insights, and minimize research time. 

Folio3 developed an end-to-end portal with an intuitive user interface and automated the process of logging a complete history of compliance data for Govzilla users.


With the new portal Govzilla users were able to easily access government regulation forms and compliance data and documents. In addition to tagging key areas of this data, users could automate the entire process of creating cases and distributing compliance notices leading to increased efficiency and speed.

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