Case Study- Ludex


End-to-end MLOPs Service With AI Automation


Ludex is a sports and trading card scanning app that helps card collectors identify and track the value of their collections. Folio3 worked with Ludex to develop their AI infrastructure and support them scale their business with end-to-end MLOPs services.

About the Customer

Ludex is a sports and trading card scanning app that provides collectors with an accurate and easy way to identify and track the value of their collections. Ludex makes collection and tracking of card collections easy for seasoned collectors and novices alike.

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  • Team composition

    5-6 members

  • Client name


  • Expertise used

    Machine Learning, AI Automation, Batch Processing

  • Duration

    5 months

  • Services provided

    Team Augmentation, MLOPs, AWS Deployment.

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Understanding the Challenge

One of the biggest challenges faced by Ludex was adding new cards to its database. This process was time-consuming and manual, and it was important for them to find a solution that would automate this process and allow them to scale their business. Ludex needed an end-to-end MLOPS team that could take ownership and manage the application development, deployment, and integration process


With Folio3's solution and team augmentation services, Ludex was able to able to automate its existing system without the need for manual intervention. The training and evaluating pipelines created by the Folio3 AI-augmented team, leveraged ML models to identify and analyze card attributes such as player name, team, and year. This helped Ludex provide accurate and up-to-date valuations for collectors' card collections.

Inference infrastructure and training pipelines

Using ML Algorithms, Folio3 ML developers created the model to process batch transformation directly without any external preprocessing using Amazon SageMaker

interference infrastructure

Process Automation

Created a training pipeline using Amazon SageMaker that would automate the process of adding new cards to the database.

proccess automation
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end to end ml ops services

End-to-End MLOPs Service  

Folio3’s team of machine learning developers made sure the application was developed, tested, and deployed successfully, fulfilling all the requirements by Ludex.


Deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

The solution was deployed on AWS for scalability and ease of use, eliminating the need for error-prone manual operations.


With Folio3’s staff augmentation and MLOPs team services, Ludex not only automated its card system saving 5+ hours of manual work but also, scaled its business and provided a better user experience for its customers.