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Kickstart Your AI Journey With Folio3’s AI-Powered Solutions and Services

Your Trusted Partner in AI and Computer Vision. With over 15 years of experience, we excel in computer vision and have deployed numerous pre-built models across diverse industries. From startups to Fortune 500 enterprises, we empower businesses to innovate and thrive in an ever-evolving landscape. Whether it's custom solutions or seamless integrations, we consistently deliver successful outcomes tailored to your unique needs.

ai ml consulatation

AI/ ML Consultation Services

We offer the most efficient development approaches to optimize the impact of AI on your business and maximize your ROI.  

computer vision

Computer Vision

Use Computer vision technology to extract raw data and turn it into actionable insights that support decision-making.

generative ai

Generative AI

Create impactful customer experiences faster with Generative AI Solutions and transform your workflows and products.

large language models

Large Language Models

Optimize automation and lower operational costs with our expertise in developing large language models (LLMs).


Natural Language Processing

Folio3 offers robust Natural Language Processing (NLP) Applications, built using superior algorithms Natural Language Processing Applications

rapid prototpying

Rapid Prototyping

From concept to tangible model, we deliver prototypes ready for testing and deployment in just weeks  

prediticive analysis

Predictive Analytics

Forecast future outcomes and trends by analyzing vast datasets and identifying patterns, enabling informed decision-making and strategic planning

staff augmentation

Staff Augmentation Services

Recruit flexible and cost-effective talent on demand. Handpick AI experts to scale projects quickly.

Experience Seamless Computer Vision Solutions: Just Train Your Data and Watch Our Pre-built Models in Action

Our AI-Powered Featured Products - Built For Customers, Tailored for Success

converse smartly

AI Automated Transcription

Converse Smartly is an advanced speech-to-text conversion platform that automatically transcribes audio files into editable text while providing insights like top keywords, summary, speaker detection, sentiment, and highlighting themes and topics.

chatbuddy pro

Your All-in-One Ready-to-Deploy Chatbot

ChatBuddy Pro is an AI-powered chatbot that automates customer interactions, boosts conversions, and interacts with data. It's a proactive virtual assistant that allows users to build custom chatbots, connect data sources, and launch AI assistants.


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